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Season 5 > Episode 17 > 99 Problems

Title: 99 Problems
Position: Season 5 Episode 17
Air Date: 2010-04-08
Views: 4.257 times
Comments: 2
Sam and Dean are outnumbered by demons, but are saved at the last minute by Rob and his townspeople, who are aware of the Apocalypse, and have been training to fight and kill demons. The small town is very religious and Sam and Dean meet Pastor Gideon, who introduces them to his daughter Leah, whom he claims is a prophet. Leah tells the townspeople they must obey her orders if they want a spot in Heaven but when she starts turning the townspeople against each other in the name of the Lord, the brothers realize they must kill her. Watch Supernatural online at
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Comments for Supernatural Season 5 Episode 17 "99 Problems":
Start CommentOMG... Ilove Castielle's charactor too!! Great addition to an already wicked awesome cast! Dean,Sam,Bobby,and Cas are my favs!! THIS SHOW RULES!!! End Comment
This Supernatural comment was posted on April 12, 2012, 9:34:14 pm
Start CommentOMG i lovveee castielllll, he is soooo cute, not u, or me, sam ofcourse is an abomibationEnd Comment
This Supernatural comment was posted on December 24, 2010, 8:51:01 am
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